Faith and Philosophy

I recently stumbled across the podcast Faith and Philosophy with Dr. Clark Carlton on Ancient Faith Radio.  What a wonderful show and I recommend it highly to you.

I really would like to point out the four part series that he has done on how the Orthodox should engage the public square.  There has been much discussion on this blog as well as others about our role in the public square.  Dr. Carlton asks the question, what public square?  He suggests that we forget Washington and focus or time on Main Street right in our own back yard.  Very interesting.  I will not go any deeper than that.  The longest program is less than 17 minutes and well worth the time.  You really do need to listen and react! 

Here are the links to the shows thus far in the series:

The Naked Public Square, Part One: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ~ Clark begins a series on the place of the American Orthodox Church in the public square by examining the issue of gays in the military.

The Naked Public Square, Part Two: Orthodoxy and the Academy ~ Should the faithful be creating Orthodox colleges and universities? Clark shares his thoughts on the place of Orthodox Christianity in the academy.

The Naked Public Square, Part Three: The Pro-Life Movement ~ Clark explains that the contemporary pro-life movement misses the boat entirely as to the real nature of our moral and social decay.

The Naked Public Square, Part Four: Orthodoxy and Progressive Politics ~ Clark explains that progressivism of any type is a precursor to antichrist.

Clark Carlton was reared as a Southern Baptist in middle Tennessee. He was enrolled as a Raymond Brian Brown Memorial Scholar at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC when he converted to the Orthodox Church.

Clark earned his B.A. in philosophy from Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN and and M.Div. from St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in NY, where he studied under the renowned church historian, Fr John Meyendorff. He also holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Early Christian Studies from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

At present, Clark is assistant professor of philosophy at Tennessee Tech University, where he teaches the history of philosophy as well as philosophy of religion and logic. He writes on a number of subjects and has had articles published in the Journal of Christian Bioethics, St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, and the Journal of Early Christian Studies.

Clark is also the author of “The Faith” series from Regina Orthodox Press: The Faith: Understanding Orthodox Christianity; The Way: What Every Protestant Should Know about the Orthodox Church; The Truth: What every Roman Catholic Should Know about the Orthodox Church; and The Life: The Orthodox Doctrine of Salvation.

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