Society for Orthodox Church History

The Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas (SOCHA) is pleased to announce a new, affiliated academic publication, the Journal of American Orthodox Church History (JAOCH). JAOCH is peer reviewed by established scholars within the field and published electronically.

The Journal will be publish in cooperation with the newly launched Prairie Parish Press.  The Journal will be $10 and is chock full of articles about the early days of the Orthodox Church in the United States.

The Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas maintains a wonderful website and one of the Directors, Matthew Namee produces a Podcast on Ancient Faith Radio.

The Society will also be holding it’s first Symposium of Orthodox Church History this Fall at Princeton University, yours truly is one of the presenters, for more information check out the Website of the Symposium.

h/t AOI Blog


  1. At this point, I'm keeping it pdf rather than commit myself to any one particular platform. Kindle does have a pdf reader, so anyone should be able to access this, whether they have Kindle, Nook, or neither.

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