Chickens Part 2 ~ The Arrival

Monastery RI Reds
Yesterday I wrote about getting ready for the arrival of the chickens and yesterday afternoon they arrived. We now have 7 hens and a rooster all Rhode Island Reds!
They came from a family farm in Ellington, Connecticut. A nice family and a beautiful farm. It has been some years since I have actually had to handle chickens, other than the ones that come from the supermarket, but you learn quick.
When we arrived at the farm we need to catch the chickens and the rooster, this was fun. We were able to pen the up and it seems they just laid down on the floor of the barn and we picked them up. The farmers son came out to help us, I this he might have been 8 maybe younger! The rooster was the challenge but once we got him he was a very good boy and calmed right down. Maybe it was all the Jesus Prayer I was saying the whole time.
We put them in cardboard boxes in the back of the truck for the hour long ride home and they did just fine. They are now at home in their new coop and are happily scratching at the ground and eating all sorts of things out there. I have my concerns about the rooster (who I named Tikhon after Patriarch Tikhon) but only time will tell.
On Sunday I will bless the new members of the family and soon we hope to have eggs. RI Reds are good egg producers and should produce all winter unless the temp drops below freezing for an extended period of time.
So on the next project. The garden needs to be cleaned and I am planning on expanding the garden for next year so the beds will need to be built.
Stay tuned!
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