For some time now I have been planning to get a few chickens in the backyard.  Well it appears today is the day!

This past year I have been thinking about ways that one can reduces ones food cost as things don’t seem to be getting better in the economy.  This coming year looks like it will be tighter than the past year so we all need to buckle down and do our bit.

I have a garden out back, I did not plany anything this year but a few parishioners did, and I have plans to expland the planting beds next season as well.  We are exploring the idea of a community garden where folks in the church can come and plant some stuff and then have a share in the produce, and I believe th chickens will help.

I bought the coop in the spring and it has sat, unoccupided, since it arrived.  My 7 week sabattical this summer did not help the food production but it did help the spiritual production!  So now it is ready.  The picture above is the coop and the run that I have spent the last few days getting ready with some help.

Food insecurity has become a real problem and one that can be eased with a little bit of intentional planning.  Southbirdge started a community garden on an unused parcel of land owned by the town and several families planted crops.  The Towm also sponsors a farmer’s market on Friday afternoons on the Town Common.  These are all good things.  Good, local food is important and needs to be part of our diets for many reasons.

We need to get back to the practice of canning and root cellars and just living simply, the times are calling for it.

So the chickens come today, I hope, and tomorrow I will post about them.

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