Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Boston
Let me state right at the top of this post, that I strongly support the right of any group of citizens to protest.  After all, America was founded by a group of citizens protesting, wait for it, taxes and representation.

With that said, I don’t support violent protest of any kind.  I agree with the Occupy Wall Street crowd as much as I agree with the Tea Party crowd, on their right to protest, but I draw the line when things turn nasty.  I disagreed with the Tea Party crowd when they started to call the President of the United States Hitler and I disagree with the Occupy Wall Street crowd when private and public property starts to get damaged.  Although the American Revolution was all about destruction of private property.  Remember the Boston Tea Party?

I have recently read posts, from friends on Facebook and other places, that call these folks Anarchists, Nazi’s, and other horrible comments, and some of these comments come from Christians.  These are the same people by the way who reacted in a negative way when folks called the Tea Party crowd names.

My point is this, the time for name calling is over, it is not helpful and needs to end now on both sides.  We have serious problems in this country that need serious people to fix them.  I do not care who it is, whether it is a political candidate sniping at their opponent, or someone making fun of people exercising their constitutional right to protest, name calling is childish and we need not participate in it.  Rise above it and work towards a solution.

It is easy to stand on a stage at a political rally or a debate and poke fun at the one who has the job you want.  It is another thing all together to actually come up with a solution and then make it work.  I call on all candidates for political office, of any party, to stop telling me what the other has done or will do and tell me what you have done or will do.  Put your money where your mouth is and show me results.

To the Occupy Wall Street crowd, keep on keeping on but keep it peaceful and respectful.  Once the violence begins you lose your message.  I know it is not all of you just like I know it is not all of the Tea Party crowd making the Obama is a Nazi comments, but you must condemn this violence because it is painting all of you in a bad light.

Our country grew from the very right of protest.  Sam Adams was called an Anarchist by the government of the day but a Patriot by the people.  Anyone who stands up for their rights no matter what they are deserve some respect.  I may not support what you are protesting about but I will give my last breath to support your right to do it!  We need to be celebrating our rights and not making fun of those who are exercising them. 

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