I am in the process of watching the 14th and final season of the TV show Dallas.  Who does not like Ole JR Ewing?  I remember watching this show when I was growing up and have been watching the DVD’s on Netflix this show is amazing.

One of the other remembrances of Dallas I have comes from one of my first trips to Romania.  It seems that Dallas is one of US programs that was shown on Romanian TV and many people learned English from watching this program.

Of course the downside of this program is that is embraces everything that is wrong with the world today.  Greed, lust, hatred etc.  Good always seems to win over evil in the program but it does take time.  There are many lessons to learn from this show and the more I watch the more I learn.  Maybe I should write a book, “The Spirituality of Dallas”  could be a hit.

It is funny how this show that started in 1978 still rings true today.  I wonder what JR would think about the bank buyouts and such that are going on right now.

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  1. when we went to macidonia there were resturants called Dallas,when my husband asked his cousin why,he said when the communist ran the country they wanted to show just how greedy everyone in America was,unfortunitly it had the oppsite effect and everyone embraced it.

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