The Occupy Movement

I will admit right up front that I have not done all I can to understand what is going on.  There has been much discussion on the Internet of what is going on in the various Occupy Movements around the Country.  The bottom line is people are upset and they are voicing their opinions.  I may not support their message 100% but I do support their rights to protest.  I will say if they break the law then they need to pay the price but they do (as we all do) have the right to peaceful protest.

I was in a discussion recently with one of my clergy friends and he was demanding that they be removed from their site in Boston.  I neglected to ask if he had gone to the site and tried to talk to anyone there to see what they were all about.  We get our information from the media and they only present half or even a quarter of the story, but certainly not the entire story.  If you want to understand what is going on, then go an talk to people I think this is what Jesus would have done.

My friend, Pastor Mike Schutz has a post on his blog today about his visit to Occupy Boston.  Mike is a friend and fellow pastor and has some insights and thoughts about what he experienced.  I know Mike and I trust his observations.  I would challenge all of the clergy out there to take a moment or two and go to the occupy in your area and talk with the folks there.  I plan to do this very soon.

My study of history informs me that during the 18th century people were upset with their government.  Some agreed and some did not.  They protested, in some very violent ways if memory serves, and that protest eventually led to what is now the United States.  In 1989 a group of Romanians had enough of their dictator and took their protest to the streets.  That protest led to a free and democratic Romania.  We have seen this in countless situations, when people have enough they speak out.  Do I wish to see a violent revolution, certainly not, but we have the opportunity to change our government every two years in peaceful ways and my hope is that everyone who is Occupying anywhere will occupy the voting booth come this November or whenever your election is.  Step up and run for office and make a difference.  Democracy only works if we the people participate.  We the people can make a difference but we need to be engaged in the process and that includes being an informed voter.


  1. I would never deny anyone the right to protest and speak their mind,that is what this country was founded on,but I have an issue with them camping out and defecating on public property,especially when the cities they are in has to pick up the tab to clean the place up.
    come in,protest,go home then come back the next day and start all over again.

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