iPhone Blues

On Monday, June 25th, my parents and I set out for our family reunion in West Virginia.  It was a very pleasant drive from Southbridge to here and we arrived just about on time as we thought when we left.  We are staying in cabins in a State Park, although with cable TV and central air conditioning it is hard to believe it is a cabin in a State Park.

Phone service here is pretty bad, thank you Verizon, but this morning I saw this on the screen of my iPhone when I tried to reboot.

Not Good!

So I am sitting the lodge where there is an internet collection reading and restoring my iPhone.  Why is it that things like this happen when you are miles away from home and you don’t have the computer with the iPhone’s original setting on it?  Oh well live and learn.

Blogging will be light this week but we will be back in full swing next week.

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