Sleepy Creek Mountain

Just a short post to say a few words about my vacation.

I am here in West Virginia at a family reunion.  It is great to see and catch up with the family that we really only get to see via Facebook.  The place we are staying is great with some wonderful views.

Yesterday we floated down part of the Shenandoah River on tubes and then spent a few hours in Harpers Ferry walking around and checking out the sights.

However with all of that said the best part thus far has to be just doing nothing!  I guess this is what vacations are for.  I have never really been one who can just sit and do nothing but I am learning how to do it and do it right.  Sleeping late, reading and just hanging around.  I am also getting some walking in, so I guess I am not really doing nothing.

Today we went a top the mountain that is near the park where we are staying and took the photo that is at the top of this post.  Sleepy Creek Mountain is off in the distance and from the vantage point we had you can see where four states come together.  It was a tad hazy but I think you can still get a feeling for what I was able to see.  This is truly America the Beautiful at its best.


  1. Sounds absolutely awesome… enjoy every last minute of it! As for me, I must confess I have “doing nothing” down to an art form. 🙂 Tho I guess “napping’ and “reading” are technically activities, so maybe not. LOL!

    Blessings to you and yours. 🙂

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