On those Orthodox who Support Abortion and Homosexuality

Fr. Thomas Hopko

“In Orthodoxy, communicants in the sacramental mysteries are not only obliged to be steadfast in the Christian faith and perpetually repentant over their failures, they are also obliged to take full responsibility for the Church’s teachings and practices, and to be ready, at least in intention, to defend them unto death. For this reason, those who publicly affirm and promote homosexual behavior (like those who publicly advocate abortion) cannot be sacramental communicants in the Orthodox Church”

Fr Thomas Hopko (Christian Faith and Same-Sex Attraction, 108)

h/t Orthodox Christianity



  1. Why are these two issues are linked for fundamentalists? ‘Affirming and promoting homosexual behavior’ could mean anything from promoting promiscuity to supporting marriage equality, and if it includes the latter, then how does being pro-family and societal stability connect with being pro-abortion/pro-war/pro-death? It’s epically offensive (not to mention stupid) to link such things. One might as well say all Democrats kill babies and all Republicans are racist.

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