Prayers in Time of Drought

Today and article appeared on the pages of the Huffington Post regarding the drought situation here in the Unites States.  If we do not receives some rain the in the Midwest very soon the entire crop could be lost and that would have an impact on food prices for the future.  The economy is bad enough that we do not need to see a rise in food prices as well.

So what are we to do?  Well, we Orthodox Christians turn to prayer at times like these.  In the Great Book of Needs, Volumn 4 appears a Molieben (supplicaiton) to be sung in the time of drought.  I have copied one of the prayers below that can be said by all of us.  We should all add this prayer to our daily prayers and ask for the intercession of the Saints here.

There is reference to Prophet Elijah the Tishabite whose feast day is celebrated today, July 20th.  It is fitting that we start this prayer on this day.  I am asking all of my readers, Orthodox or not, to please say this prayer that the Lord has mercy on His creation and brings the rain that we so desperately need.

Prayer in the Time of Drought
The work of Kallistos, Patriarch of Constantinople
From the Great Book of Needs, Vol. 4 pg. 50

O Master, Lord our God, Who didst hear Elijah the Tishbite because of his zeal for Thee, and for a time didst command that rain be held back from being sent unto the earth, and again at his prayer didst grant it fruit-bearing rain: Do Thou Thyself, O Master of all, Who art being entreated, out of Thy deep compassion grant abundant rain unto Thine inheritance; and, overlooking our sins, do Thou send down Thy rains upon every place entreating and praying for it. Make glad the face of the earth, for the sake of Thy poor people and infants, and animals and all others, for they trust in Thee, that Thou wilt give drink unto them in due season. For Thou art our God, a God Who showeth mercy and saveth, and unto Thee do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages, Amen.

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