The Spirit of Peace

I woke this morning to the news that the United States Ambassador to Libya had been killed in the uprising at the Consulate last night or early this morning.  This is a horrible attack on our Country that seems to be sparked by a movie about Mohamed.  Consulates in other places were also attacked yesterday on the anniversary of 9/11.

I understand the feelings that people have because of this but as Christians we are called to rise above our passions and to find the peace, the peace of Christ in our lives.  The last few days I have been writing about transformation of our lives, and this is part of that.  As hard as this is we have to pray for our enemies, as the Liturgy calls us to pray for those who love us and those who hate us.  Hate is easy it takes no effort at all, but love takes the help of Christ and what we need now is love and peace, peace within ourselves.  This earthly world will pass away but our soul lives on for eternity, hatred darkens the souls we need to turn from that.  All hatred does is harm us, and our soul and that we just cannot do.

I served Liturgy in the monastery chapel this morning and I remembered all those who were killed and those who killed them as well as all of the innocent people who will be caught up in this on both sides.  Lord Have Mercy on all of them.

One of my favorite saints in Saint Seraphim of Sarov.  Hew is often depicted with a bear in his icons and paintings.  This comes from the legend that he was so peaceful in his soul that the wild animals were attracted to him.  There are pictures of monastics who are sitting with other wild animals due to the peace that they have in their souls.  St. Seraphim is credited with a saying about peace, but I am not sure where it comes from in his many wiritings.

“Acquire the spirit of peace, and a thousand souls will be converted around you!”

I am trying, in my own life, to turn towards peace, the peace that passes all understanding, and towards love and forgiveness.  I am choosing to follow the positive path and turn from the negative.

All Christians are called to this transformation and this turning away from the passions.  Rather then posting negative things on Facebook or Twitter about events, turn to prayer.  Spend less time at the keyboard and more time on your knees in prayer for the entire world.  This is what Christ did and He is the model for our lives.

Condemn what has been done, yes, make preparations so that it never happens again, yes, bring those responsible to justice, yes, but we must not do these things from hate because only the Evil One wins when we hate.


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