Thanksgiving Prayer

Here is a prayer that can be used at the Thanksgiving Table.  It comes from the Orthodox Moleben Service for Thanksgiving.  Remember on this day that we give thanks to give thanks to the God that created all.

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, the God of all mercies and bounties Whose mercy is immeasurable, and whose love for mankind is an unfathomable deep: falling down in adoration before Thy majesty, with fear and trembling, as unprofitable servants, and now humbly rendering thanks unto Thy loving-kindness for Thy benefits bestowed upon Thy servants, we glorify Thee, we praise Thee, we sing Thee and we magnify thee as our Lord, and Master, and Benefactor; and again falling down before Thee, we humbly thank Thee, supplicating Thy boundless and inexpressible mercy. And in that Thou hast graciously vouchsafed to accept the petitions of Thy servants and to fulfill them, so also grant that henceforth thy Holy Church and this city may be delivered from every hostile assault, and may be granted peace and tranquility, and that increasing in true love of Thee, and in all virtues, all Thy faithful people may receive Thy benefits; and that we may ever offer thanksgiving unto Thee, together with Thy Father, Who is from everlasting, and Thine all holy, and good, and life giving Spirit, God glorified in three persons; and that we may say exceeding good things and sing: Glory to Thee, O God our Benefactor, unto the ages of ages.


  1. The prayer is too long, was looking for a nice prayer for the table at Thanksgiving…This one good for church function but need a shorter prayer for the table….Thankfulness prayer but keep it short…

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