The Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree
O Christmas Tree

Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around the Christmas tree.  On Christmas morning my brothers and I would wake up be we could not come out into the living room until my parents, and my grandmother, were in their spots and ready to go.  Then we would come running in to see what Santa brought us.

We used to have one of those silver Christmas trees; you know the one that looked like tin foil.  We had this gizmo on the floors with a flood light in it and a color wheel in front of it so the tree would change colors.  It was great!

The Christmas tree was the item in the house that we would all gather around and open the gifts.  We would linger there all day, in the glow of that flood light, and just be with each other.  Now, in this fast world we live in, things move so fast that we do not spend much time just sitting around.

Slow down and enjoy the view!

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  1. Ah, wow. We had one of those for a few years growing up as well. It was my grandmother’s I think. She’d picked it up after my grandpa died and we took it in when she moved into an apartment. I remember the tall post with holes spaced a little too evenly into which we’d tuck the long, straight, space aged aluminum “branches.” So weird and beautiful. We were the Jetson’s for a few weeks 🙂

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