The Magical Snowflake


I find it interesting that the topic up for discussion today on the Pastoral Blogging exercise is the Snowflake, because as I sit here and write this it is snowing outside my window.  Well not really snowing as much as it is freezing rain, and that I do not like.

I am not sure what it is but there is something about falling snow that relaxes me, as long as I do not have to drive in it.  I like to stand in the window, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, and watch the snow falling.  As they fall, they all work together to form a pile, they cannot do it alone, they need each other.  Just like all of us, alone we are just that, alone, but if we join with others it is amazing what we will be able to accomplish.

I know snow can be a big pain and eventually I have to go and move all of those individual snowflakes, but I still like to stand and watch as it falls.  The white snow covers up the dead brown grass and leaves that the fall has left behind but it is only temporary.

Eventually that snow will melt and we return to the bleakness of the season.  Our lives can be the same unless we have a life in the Church.  Without Christ our lives are simply bleak and contain nothing, but if we know the Lord of Life then we have everything.


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