Day 21 Gift Giving

A gift for you

There is the old axiom “It is better to give then to receive” but I prefer to receive gifts than to give them, not because I am cheap but because I hate shopping!  But gift giving is important as it does show that we care.

I do hate to shop!  When I go shopping I got to get what I need and get out as fast as I can.  I try to make a list, know exactly where I am going, and “git her done” and move on to the next thing, unless I am going to Tractor Supply I do like to roam around that store.

It was decided a few years back, that the members of my family would not buy for each other.  We would but gifts for my parents and my nieces and nephews but my brothers and I would not buy for each other.  This lightened the load significantly.

I usually end up giving gift cards to various places.  Why buy something they won’t like, to only have to return it after the holiday anyway, when I can give a gift card to their favorite store and give them the joy of shopping.  I also wait for the last possible minute to go!

Gift Giving is a nice and thoughtful thing to do and it usually means a lot to the person getting the gift, so the tradition continues.

It is not the gift that really matters, it is the thought behind the gift that matters most.


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