A Prayer for Memorial Day

Prayer for Memorial Day

Lord God of Hosts, in whom our fathers trusted and found their faith rewarded by thy gracious care, bless us today as we commemorate their valor and their sacrifice. We thank thee for the brave men who in the time of conflict were ready to lay down their lives if need be in the cause of liberty and righteousness. We thank thee for what they did and suffered on our behalf, in unflinching loyalty to this union of free states, in order that popular self-government might not perish from the earth. Unite all the people of this great nation in a holy purpose to defend the principles of freedom and brotherhood for which they lived and died. Help us to emulate the loyalty of these heroic men. And may the nation, which they helped to establish on an enduring foundation, be ever true to the great ideals of the founders, and gain increasing prosperity as it offers to all beneath its flag justice and equal rights. Purge the land from its evils, and fill it with the spirit of Christ. Make it a mighty factor in changing the whole world into a kingdom of heaven; and we will praise thee evermore. Amen.

The Book of Church Services, National Council of Congregational Churches, 1922

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