Prayer is a Verb

So here we are again, another mass shooting and more thoughts and prayers being sent all around. Now don’t get me wrong, thoughts and prayers are good I mean I wrote a book about prayer and its effectiveness, but prayer requires action and action are what is needed right now.

There are many examples in scripture of Jesus, going off on his own, and praying. Many times this happens after a stressful situation or right before he is about to do something big, but his prayer was always followed by action.  When Jesus heard of the death of his friend Lazarus he did not send Mary and Martha his thoughts and prayers. He prayed and then he got up and went and raised him from the dead. When Jesus heard about Peter’s mother-in-law he did not send her his thoughts and prayers, he prayed, got up, and went and healed her. He prayed and then he acted.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, but I am also aware of the fact that God gave us brains and hands and feet and a voice to make things happen. We are called to Go, to do, to speak, to love, to act, to feed, to comfort all of these are actions, and we need to start working.

Being a Christian is more than sending thoughts and prayers and going to church on Sunday. Being a Christian means to be a disruption to a society that has gone off the rails. Being a Christian means to speak truth to power. Being a Christian means putting yourself on the line for others and not worry about the consequences.

Now that we have all sent our thoughts and prayers it is time to act!

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