“Mormon” has become a four-letter word

At the recent General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it was announced that the name used for the church “Mormon” is now out and the full name of the church should be used in it’s place. Apparently is was the “Lord’s will” that they stop using the name Mormon. I did not know the Lord was interested in such things.

It was also announced that church services would be shortened from three hours to two hours starting in 2019.

In the Sunday morning session, President Russell M. Nelson hammered hard on the name of the Church, urging members to stop using the nickname “Mormon.”

Instead, they should use the full name of the Church.

It’s not a rebranding effort, Nelson emphasized. Nor is it a trivial matter.

Nelson said it’s the Lord’s will that the entire name be used, since it places focus on Jesus Christ.

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