5 Questions to help you manage your stress

Let’s face it; we are all under some form of stress. Stress is your body’s reaction to harmful situations, whether perceived or real. Our bodies are designed to handle small amounts of stress. Still, our bodies are not equipped to handle long-term or chronic stress without consequences that can affect us emotionally, spiritually, physically, and cognitively.

The first step to taking control of the level of stress is to recognize the signs and symptoms.

There are emotional signs, easily agitated, frustrated or moody, feeling overwhelmed, or having difficulty relaxing, and feeling bad about yourself and avoiding others.

There are physical symptoms; low energy, headache, upset stomach, chest pain, insomnia, and dry mouth.

And there are cognitive symptoms; constant worry, inability to focus, and poor judgment.

Reading over this list I have experienced every one of these symptoms in the last few days as part of my routine everyday activity, remember, it is the long-term chronic stress that can become a problem

Rather than getting super stressed out, catch your stress early and take control of it. Each person is different, so knowing how your body reacts to stress will take you a long way in your ability to control it.  Ask yourself these five questions:

1. What are my signs of stress? How do I know when stress is taking me over?

2. How could I learn to spot my signs of stress earlier and earlier?

3. What are some easy things I could do when I notice I am stressed?

4. What are the important things I should do when I notice I am stressed?

5. If there were three things I could develop into healthy habits to reduce my stress, what would they be?

Think about these questions over the days ahead and if you need help dealing with the stress in your life, check out my coaching page at www.peterpreble.net/coaching

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