Wisdom Wednesday: The Importance of Forgiveness

I believe it is safe to say that after the topic of love, forgiveness is the subject I preach and teach. In my understanding, forgiveness is at the very heart of our lives as Christians and our spiritual lives. The critical thing to remember about forgiveness is that forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving; forgiveness is for you.

When forgiveness is withheld, the other person has power over you, not in a physical sense but more in a psychological and spiritual understanding. There will always be that part of you that belongs to someone else until we are at the point we can offer forgiveness.

The other important point is that forgiveness does not mean forgetting nor does forgiveness mean you do not wish to see justice served but remember, there is a fine line between justice and vengeance.

Forgiveness isn’t saying that what happened was ok; it’s saying I won’t let it affect me anymore.

Here are five questions to ponder to forgive, to let go, to free your energy, and to let the in light.

1. What am I still holding onto? What have I not forgiven yet?

2. What are the impacts to me of not letting go of these issues?

3. How do I benefit by hanging on to these issues? What do I get to stay feeling? What do I not have to deal with or face?

4. What is the biggest thing I haven’t forgiven yet?

5. If I was to let go of ___________, I would feel ________________________.

If you are having trouble forgiving or would like more tips and exercises to help you get to the place of forgiveness, contact me, and we can start a discussion.

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