St. Spyridon Vespers

Last night I had the opportunity to attend Vespers at St. Spyridon cathedral in Worcester. What a wonderful night filled with much prayer. About 400 people were in attendance as well as about a dozen or so priests and a deacon. His Eminence Metr. Methodios was there and it is always nice to serve with a bishop. The choir from Holy Cross Seminary in Brookline, MA provided the music and it was truly prayerful. My only comment would be that Vespers was served almost entirely in Greek. This is such a shock when I come from my little parish here in the village where all services are in English. However, one can still pray regardless of the language, God understands us all.
I also met some fans of the Blog. I did not realize that people actually read this thing. Yes some people leave comments and the site meter tells me that over 700 people have come by, but I wonder if people really read what I write. So a shout out to Pres. Joanna who I met last night. Thanks for reading and thanks for saying hello last night.


  1. Good morning, Father.

    It was a pleasure meeting you last night. You and Father Greg keep me going, learning all the time. I guess it is never too late.
    Wishing you a Blessed Christmas.
    With love in Christ.

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