Today promises to be a little quiet and I like that. I have a meeting at 12pm at the funeral home to make the arrangements for the funeral this week. After that Vespers at St. Spyridon Cathedral in Worcester in celebration of there feast day tomorrow. One of the great things about being here in the Worcester area is that there are 12 Orthodox Churches and all of the priests work very well together. We support one another in many ways, and going to service at each others churches is one of those ways. Sometimes there are more clergy there than laity but that is okay. All that matters is that we join together in prayer.
Yesterday was very busy and not my usual Sunday. After Liturgy, I had to leave coffee hour early and I don’t like to do that, I attended the festive banquet for our sister parish St. Nicholas in Shrewsbury. What a wonderful time and His Eminence Archbishop Nicolae of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese was there. It is always nice to be able to see ones bishop. The last time I was with him was in July in Chicago. He is very interested in how we are doing in our parishes and always asks about people that he has met. He is a very spiritual man I am for one am happy to have him as our bishop. He is young and energetic and is breathing new life into the archdiocese.
I will post some of my thoughts from the Sunday Scripture readings latter on today.


  1. Hi Fr Peter

    I just wanted you to know that the Eastern Orthodox Church was a big influence on my conversion to Catholicism from a fundamentalist Protestant background.

    The icons and prayers and the writings of the Eastern Fathers of the other “lung” of the Church were a big influence on me.

    I took Nicholas as my confirmation name partly out of appreciation of the way the East had opened my mind to the traditions of the Church, when I was still to narrowminded to look for it elsewhere.

    I would never have dreamed of becoming Catholic otherwise. Unfortunately there is no Orthodox Church near me. (Otherwise i would probably have become Orthodox back then!) I would love to attend one of your Liturgies.

    Lord Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner.

    God Bless and Best Regards
    Western Isles of Scotland

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