Virginia Day 2

Right now I am blogging from the Newman Center at Virginia Tech. We have been welcomed in with open arms and given space to meet with students. We spent the morning walking around the campus and viewing all off the memorials that have sprung up. The most powerful of all the memorials is the one on the parade field in front of the main admin building. As I walked around the circle of all the names on the parade field was the name of the shooter. Not off by himself but right in the middle of all of them. What a powerful witness to what is going on here. We were stopped by people as we walked around. People just wanted to say thanks for coming and being with them in their time of need.
All around campus people have written different things here and there and the most powerful statement was the following: “32 are gone because one was lost” amazing what more can I say.
At the moment we are doing an interview for Ancient Faith Radio that should be airing soon. We will meet with the students tonight as well as with Bishop Thomas of the Antiochean Archdiocese. Please continue to pray for all of us.
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