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Yesterday Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick unvield a plan to allow three “resort-style” casinos in Massachusetts. I am not sure how I feel about this plan. Our state is in trouble money wise but do we need to fall back on this to make up the difference? I think gambling is an easy fix but leads to many more problems. The Governor made a statement that I find very interesting:

In unveiling his proposal, Patrick said the financial windfall would
outweigh the serious social ills associated with gambling. The hundreds of millions of dollars in additional state revenues, he said, would be directed toward rebuilding the state’s crumbling roads and bridges and providing property tax relief for beleaguered homeowners.

“Casino gambling is neither a cure-all nor the end of civilization,” Patrick said at a State House press conference. “Under certain conditions, I believe casinos can work well in and for the Commonwealth.”

His plan must be approved by the State Legislature and already is meeting with oppositon in some quarters to include the Massachusetts Council of Churches and the Archdiocese of Boston. I wonder if our Orthodox Hierarchs will say anything? Does anyone have strong feelings in either direction?

You can read the entire to story in today’s Boston Globe.


  1. i grew up in new jersey in the 80’s.
    atlantic city, once the jewel of our barrier island coast, is now a ghost town, a pig sty, and a blight on society. the problems there of homelessness, poverty, alcohol and drug addiction, prostitution, etc. etc. far outweigh any tax revenue it brings to the state.
    also, the state is now addicted to, and thus beholden to this tax revenue. state law requires a state employee be on premises for gambling in NJ at all times. a few years back when a budget impasse resulted in a state government shut down, the only thing that brought resolution to the situation was the awareness by lawmakers that not having state employees in casinos meant casinos were closed, and meant that their budget of tax money was shrinking by the hour because people could not pour their paychecks directly into casino and state coffers.

    i hope MA follows RI’s lead on this.

  2. we here in conn. have two casinos and every year out taxes go up and our govenor and house all keep telling us how broke they are. it started out they were hiring lots of people who were in need of jobs now their laying these people off to give the jobs to immagrants from asian countries. the more money you give the goverment the more in debt they put themselves. anne

  3. I am absolutely 100% in agreement with jhimm and you Father. Gambling is not the solution but a long shot.

    Here in Bethlehem, PA a casino will be built by the summer of 2008. People fought and fought but the resolution went through. I know what it will do because I watched Atlantic City go down the tubes in a bloody hurry.

    I grew up going to Atlantic City in the 60’s each summer. It was the safest and most beautiful place to go. One could go to sleep with the windows open and doors unlocked and not think twice about it. Not anymore.

    Benefits to the State is a load of horse hockey! Watch who gets the first load of benefits…the Governor and his minions.

    Vote NO!

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