Bishop in Maine shocked by policy

This is a follow up to my post earlier this week about the School Committee in Portland, Maine allowing contraception to be passed out in one middle school in the town. Keep in mind this is 11-14 year old girls. In the story the case is made that the three middle schools in Portland have had three pregnancies in the last seven years. So I ask you, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!

Bishop Malone of Portland has this to say:

When contradictory messages are given to children from important authority figures such as parents and school officials, it can create more confusion and difficulty for children themselves in making this important life decision.

Read the whole story here

We should be OUTRAGED over this. I would suggest that you write to Mr. Mike McCarthy who is the principal of King Middle School in Portland and express your outrage.

Mr. Mike McCarthy, Principal
King Middle School
92 Deering Avenue
Portland, ME 04102

The kicker of the whole thing is that they do not even have to tell their parents! Well why would they? Obviously the parents do not care what their kids are doing. We need to rise up people. Our countrys morals are being hijacked by people who do not want to take any responsibility. I again ask where the parents are? If middle school kids are getting pregnant then there is another problem here. We are talking about girls and boys 11-14. Are we okay with this? I for one am not.


  1. Where are the parents? Why, Father, they are BOTH working! That’s where they are!

    My daughter works as a Pre-school teacher and her blood boils when children are at ‘school’ for 10 hours. SHE knows their children better than they do.

    Lord have mercy!

  2. not all parents who work are bad people many people work because they have to not because they want to, have you looked at the cost of renting an apartment, buying food, health care and gas one person can not carry all this burden alone and those who are single sometimes have to work several jobs so they can stay off the streets. the school system tries to take on to parenting work.keep in mind these are the same people who tell your kids they have the right to call the state agencies if you discipline your children. some parents feel intimidated by the school system who seem to
    undermind parental authority. anne

  3. The problem goes much deeper than parents working. They work becasue they have too. It is an economic problem as well. I know parents who both work and their kids are not out getting pregnant and killing people. We need a Moral Revolution in this country and we need it now. We need to take this country back from the special interests. The Majority needs to be heard.

  4. What amazes me – in purely worldly terms – is that the pill has some potentially nasty side-effects but if the parents don’t know their daughter is using it then they don’t know to monitor her for them. I suppose I’m paranoid but sometimes it seems there is a force in society saying to girls (and women), “You MUST have sex at all costs. It doesn’t matter if you become emotionally wrecked, it doesn’t matter if you have migraines, it doesn’t matter if you develop life-threatening thrombosis or lose your self-esteem – have SEX!” Insane.

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