Here I Go Again!

I need to stop reading the bogs this early in the morning. Here it is not even 8am and my blood is boiling. First passing out the “pill” to middle schoolers in Maine and now thanks to Huw I hear about a so called Christian prison group that is not allowing a church a participate in a program for kids because, wait for it, they allow gays to come to church. I am so over the top sick and tired of these so called Christian do gooders that only want people they like to participate in their programs. I am sure if my church wanted to participate we would be allowed because we don’t meet their narrow doctrinal views. I am so glad Jesus was not so narrow in who he ministered to or Matthew the tax collector, or the woman caught in adultery might not have been ministered too. We are all sinners and fall short of the mark but you know what we all deserve God’s grace.
We are so concerned with the outward signs in the church and so concerned that people are dressed the right way and that the priest says things the right way or that we should use Greek, Russian, Romanian, Latin or whatever language and we keep hurting people like this. I am so sick of all this crap in the church. We all need to get on our knees and ask no beg forgiveness from God for our narrow minds and cold hearts! I mean it! We have priests molesting kids, bishops covering it up, priests using church funds as if they were their own, and bishops covering it up. And if you one of the righteous Orthodox out there who think I am talking about our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters, pull your head out of the sand, or any other place it might be, and look around. It happens here as well.
Although I do not support the homosexual life style I believe in an open church that welcomes all. Let me say that again. A CHURCH THAT WELCOMES ALL! Again we are all sinners! We all need to feel the love of Jesus and seek his mercy. If you are reading this and disagree with me I would rather you just kept surfing by. I guess I am becoming more of an activist in my old age. Maybe I should have more coffee before I post.
Thanks Huw for the story. you can read it here.


  1. You and Fr G are awesome. Just to be clear. That’s what I get reading the blogs at this hour.

    I’m gonna make some coffee now.

  2. i once read a book written by a catholic priest who said a good heathy church should be like a disfunctional family in that all people no matter who they are or what they have done should be brought in and loved like a brother or a sister.Remember the pharasees in Jesus time thought they were perfect because they followed all the rules.
    wasn’t Jesus in his time thought to be a rebel because he wanted to be with the sinners? healthy people are not in need of doctors. anne

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