Who ever said Sunday is a day of rest obviously was not a priest… Anyway the usual round of Liturgical Services today. We have a three year memorial for a lady that I buried just after coming here. It is hard to believe it has been three years. After Liturgy we have coffee hour and then a quick trip to the cemetery for a grave blessing.
Then I get in my little green truck and head to the east cost, Quincy where I hail from, for a board meeting of the Saint Andrew’s Society of Massachusetts of which I am serving as president. Then back out here. Keep in mind that will about 130 miles round trip. For those of us that live in the North East that’s a lot of driving. I know in other places that is a trip to the Super Market but not here folks. Patriots football at 1pm and GAME 7 at 8pm.
Tomorrow is going to be equally busy. I have a fellow priest coming for a few days so the spare rooms needs a good going over and then we have the Divine Liturgy of St. James at 6pm tomorrow night. This is the oldest liturgy dating from the 4th century and is only served on his feast day which is Tuesday. It has been a year since I last served it so I have a little reading to do. All those red words.
Oh yes, on Tuesday morning we have our first local orthodox clergy bible study. I am so looking forward to this time of study and fellowship with my brothers. We had it scheduled for last week but alas a meeting bumped it. We hope to do this every month.
Happy Sunday All and remember GO SOX!
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