Busy Days

It has been a few days since my last post so I thought I would just throw some thoughts up here to fill space. It all began last Sunday with the final Red Sox LA game. I like to watch baseball but very rarely watch an entire game. This one was one for the books. I watched the entire game and stayed up way too late.
We had a few days off before they began the series with Colorado. So now we are two games up and I am two days down on sleep. Last night was a night off from baseball but we had a fundraiser here at the church. Large crowd and much fun was had by all. We began with a Spaghetti feed followed by, what we call, the turkey party. Basically you buy a ticket for .50 and we spin a wheel and you win a turkey. This brings people in from all over the town and surrounding towns. It is nice to see people and it is also a social event. We also had some information about the church so maybe people will come to church.
Now Saturday. Bulletin, get the church ready, finish the homily, print tickets for next weeks banquet, edit one podcast and record another one, finish this post… So the fun keeps on going.
Tomorrow after Liturgy I get some rest. The Patriots are playing the late game then the Sox play game four. Maybe, just maybe the last game of the season.
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