California Fires

I continue to be concerned with the fires in California. I pray for the people there who have been evacuated as well as those that will care for them. We also should remember those on the front lines. I heard on the news last night that the firefighters on the line have been working for 36 hours without sleep. Try staying awake that long and see how well you function.
I have never been a fan of this concept of Global Warming but I cannot help but wonder if this is the earth saying she has had enough of all the torment we have put her through and she is saying I have had enough? Perhaps there is more to this Global Warming thing than I care to admit. We orthodox have always had strong feelings and opinions on the environment. In 1999 the Ecumenical Patriarch made a statement on the Environment and I think it still holds true today. We need to care for this earth it is the only one we have, and God gave it to us to care for.
Something to think about anyway.

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  1. Well… the Orthodox Church has always been ‘environmental.” One just has to look at the Feast day in its Liturgical year. E.g: The Feast(s) of Pentecost, Transfiguration, and Dormition, just to name a few!The environment was, and is viewed as “transfigured” by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sure, we should be concerned about the environment and what we as humans are doing to it!

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