The Rosary

As a convert to Orthodoxy I still hold to some of the “old” catholic practices of my youth. Well not really of my youth but of mu younger days. I am speaking of the Rosary. A few weeks ago I began a search for how the Rosary figured in the history of the Orthodox Church. It seems that the Rosary is some for or another has been part of Orthodoxy for many many decades. So I have begun researching this and will be writing an article in the near future.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by Greg Willits of the Rosary Army Podcast in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Greg and his wife Jennifer have been running this apostolate out of thier home for a few years and they make knotted twine rosaries very much like our Orthodox prayer rope. They are faithful Catholic Christians raising a family in this crazy world. If you get a chance take a listen to their podcast. It was not long ago that we rejoiced in the news that Jennifer was pregnant with another child. In their last episode they announced it appears that the child did not survive and Jennifer had a miscarriage. Please pray for them as they come to grips with this news.
The talk was hosted by Fr. Jay Finelli another podcaster. As I begin to Podcast I start to listen to others to see what they are up to and it is nice to meet the folks from behind the microphone. We are all trying to convert the world and maybe bring a little sanity to this crazy world. Orthodox, Catholic it does not matter we are all in this together.


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