Yesterdays Storm

Although the storm was not that bad around here, last night I learned of the death of a 17yo in an accident on his way to school. It is unclear at this time what caused the accident but the story in this mornings paper said that he was going between 25 and 30 mph. While that may not seem fast the road he was traveling on is very twisty and turny. He was not wearing his seat belt and the police chief feels that is what caused his injuries. There was another person in the vehicle with him and thankfully he was not seriously injured.
I hearken back to one of my earlier posts about teen death rates while driving. We need to keep our kids alive and teach them to wear seat belts. I would imagine one of the ways we can do this is by doing it ourselves. If the children see the parents doing it then they will do it, or be more likely to do it. We are loosing way to many kids to this kind of accident.
On another note, yesterday was at the sink in the kitchen here in the rectory and I notice some kids outside throwing snowballs. Not a big deal but then I started to listen to what they were saying. They were using the “F” word like it is a regular word! And they were at a church! Where are the parents? What are they teaching these kids? No respect for anything! Not that I mind them using the church grounds, but would they use someones yard like this if it was not a church? These kids have been using the grounds since I have been here but this is the first time I actually listened to what they were saying, I guess I wont to that again. What is this world coming too?
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