Dr. Phil & Britany

I usually have a lot of respect for Dr. Phil. I like to watch his show and he seems to really help people. Now I know that much of what he takes on is driven by ratings but I think he has stooped to a new level with this Brittany Spears business.

Rod Dreher has a posting about it on his Crunchy Con Blog.

I feel bad for any person that has to go through what that family is going through. With that said I believe that much of it is brought on by themselves. Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and that ilk all need help. I also find it amazing that we eat this stuff up! The other day I was watching the local news and it was breaking news about Brit going to the hospital. What about our men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? What about gas prices going up while the oil companies post record earnings? What about the presidential election? No we get breaking news about another famous person acting stupid. Sorry if this sounds harsh but like the stars that fall we bring this all on ourselves. We live to see news about the so called beautiful people. Tom Cruise and whats-her-name have a child before they are married, BAM breaking news. Tom Brady, and his this week girl friend, have a child before marriage, BAM, braking news. Three fire fighters get hurt last night fighting a fire and where is it? Buried in a little box on page whatever in the paper.

Where are our priorities? What do we believe? Go for it Dr. Phil, make all the money you can. When your show airs latter on this week I bet it will have the best ratings of any show you have done all season, but I don’t think I will be watching.

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