Well the first shots of the Presidential election season have been fired. The Iowa Caucus. Now I am not sure what happens at this event but it is traditionally the first test for candidates and as usually none of the front runners got the nod, who knows. Now the talking heads say the big test is New Hampshire.

It seems the election season get earlier and earlier each time round. I remember an episode from the West Wing. The President has just been re-elected (is that a hyphenated word?) and people started working on the next election. That seems strange. Anyway we are off and running. Actually we have been off and running for what seems like four years already.

We need to start paying attention to the candidates. I have not done much research as I usually wait till only the serious ones are left, well the ones who can get elected anyway. We need to pay attention to what they say. I told someone the other day that we need to read for ourselves what the candidates have to say and not listen to what other people said they said. We need to make up our own minds and let someone “spin” or if you believe Bill O’Riley “no spin” Read the candidates website and their official statements. Match their words with what we believe as Orthodox Christians or whatever we maybe. (I mean that in a nice way) I guess the bottom line is make up your own mind.

I try to stay on the fray of the political discussion and I do have some pretty hard and fast thoughts on things that I don’t always share. However, I feel this election will be one of the most important ones since reconstruction. Pay attention and make an informed decision. Don’t vote for the guy, or girl, that looks the best!


  1. i think its going to be a long time until tue in november. its alredy to much and they’ve just stareted, i know who the media wants and i’m tired of hearing who they want us to vote for. i’m not sure who i want. the media keeps pushing huckabee but i think their hoping he will get the nomination so they can rip him apart and they can push their candidate has the best. its no wonder no one wants to run for office. anne

  2. Anne,

    I believe your comment to be true. We make the process very difficult, and in some way it should be, but I think we spend too much time talking about what they did in college or what grades their kids get in school. Let’s just talk about what they think on an issue, well thats not always easy either as they keep changing their minds.

    How well!

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