Are You Kidding Me

As a follow up to my post yesterday on Miley Cyrus. I found a link to the article in Vanity Fair, I will not post it as I do not want this to continue. In the opening sentence of the article the 15 year old Cyrus says that her favorite show is Sex in the City. Okay call me a prude but I don’t think that a 15 year old should be watching any show with the word sex in the title! I don’t think anyone should be watching that trash TV but hey that’s just my opinion. I ask the question again, where is our society going?

Anne in her comment to the post yesterday, had a good point. If you subscribe to this porno magazine called Vanity Fair, and you get this issue, send it back unread with a note. But I know as well as you that most people wont because we just don’t care. We have our heads in the sand and we don’t care what happens. Wake up America!


  1. Father: One word that grabs attention in the media, particularly, is the word sex. Always was and always will be. Some do it for money, some do it for attention. In the end sex sells. Ignor it and it will go away? Not going to happen. Draw attention to the problem, and you contribute to its promotion. Stopping the support, that could have some impact, that is, if its about the money.-lad

  2. What makes this so sad, besides Ms. Cyrus’ age, which makes it bad enough, is that she, and her father, have been very open in professing to be Christians. See the following:

    Hannah Montana and Ephesians 6

    Unfortunately, she seems to be following in the footsteps of the elder Ms. Spears who also, at one time, publically embraced the faith of her childhood.

  3. I think its improtant to make the stand and let someone know this upsets you. it doesn’t matter if disney or vanity fair or the advertisers don’t agree with you or does anything about it ,it matters that you wrote the letter or sent an email to let them know this is not right.
    i myself have emailed vanity fair, sent a letter to the editor in chief and also a letter to the new england office voicing my disgust i also plan on emailing disney tonight. anne

  4. Your absolutely right, no one will return the magazine. It takes to much out of their precious time. You know I had a discussion with someone the other day about doing whats right. And for the most part the response is no one else is doing that that way. So typically the only way your ever going to ever get anyone to do the right thing is to get everyone to do the right thing.

    Yes I do realize for that there are many each day that do, do the right thing. But the majority of us just do what everyone else does until told to do something else by someone else.

  5. my problem may be i was around during the 70’s a young teen. i feel that everyone needs to take the stand even if no one else stands behind you because in the end you have to face your self and i feel better doing something even if nothing comes from it. oh and by the way disney is thinking it might be time to get rid of miley cyrus and take on some one else. you really have to feel bad for this child this may end up costing her alot. anne

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