Clarification of Thought

One of my favorite authors is Peter Maurin co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement. Maybe he is one of my favorites because my all time favorite actor Martin Sheen played him in the movie about Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement.

Maurin advocated round table discussion for the clarification of thought. He believed that we learned best through dialogue. When we are able to have a discussion we can learn from one another.

I am attempting to have a round table discussion here on the blog about some parts of the faith for a clarification of thought. I welcome your participation at whatever level you wish to participate. I have noticed a very large increase in hits since my original post on Communion.

Growth comes through learning and learning comes through discussion. There is nothing wrong with discussion.


  1. why have we gotten to the point in this country that we feel we can talk about and discuss any thing except religion? we are bombbarded daily by the world yet when it comes to religon we feel uncomfortable to stand up for or discuss our beliefs and opinons. that dosen’t mean what i believe and my opinons are correct but how will i know that if i don’t freely exchange my views with some one else. discussion will either make my belief stronger or will allow me to ponder on what you’ve said. either way it will put me in a position to think about religon and not about american idol. anne

  2. Discussion is great. My problem is why does it have to resort to name calling and threats if you ask a question that is outside of the box?

  3. when people are afraid or do not truly understand what they are trying to discuss then they must resort to name calling and all comes down to fight or flight.anne

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