Fr. Greg continues his look at the Greek translation of the phrase Approach in the fear of God with faith and with love.
What is this faith that we speak of? Do we mean the entire body of faith of the Orthodox or a portion of it?
Let us turn to the Liturgy to see f the answer is there. After communion the priest lifts the chalice and sings, “Save, O God, your people and bless your inheritance.” The people then respond, ” We have seen the true light; we have received the heavenly Spirit; we have found the true faith, worshiping the undivided Trinity, Who has saved us.”
So what is the true faith that we have found. A quick read of this phrase would suggest, I think, that it is the worship of the Undivided Trinity and nothing else. Now with a Trinitarian belief come a whole host of other beliefs as well. Perhaps the faith is the Creed that we say at the Liturgy, or maybe it is the whole body of faith. I am not sure that the writer of the Liturgy would have added that part unless it was important. can we sum up all of our belief in the Trinity. Father (creator) Son (redeemer) Holy Spirit (sanctifier)? can we talk about the Trinity in such a way that we can discuss the whole of the faith? Then can someone with a belief in the Trinity then approach?


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