What a Day!

Very busy today. The regular round of liturgical services and and off to the celebration of the Kirkin of the Tartans. Today, April 6th is Tartan Day in the US and we Scots celebrate our heritage with a church service. What a great turn out of people in kilts. About 150 people.

You know a few days ago I posted something about communion and this really has brought the nasty Christians out. Why is it that people cannot have a frank discussion about something. One person, whose comment I rejected by the way, actually asked what my bishop thought about my post I don’t know I don’t think he reads it. I was told that I am welcome to my opinions but I am not allowed to teach them. Hmmmm very interesting. I do not think it is wrong to ask questions and have a discussion. I am sure if you poled most priests they would say the same thing. I have not been called a heretic since my seminary days.

I for one would appreciate it if you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation just move on. Your nasty comments will not be posted. I reserve the right to delete any comment I feel is disrespectful!

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