Food Stamps and the Cost of Food

Listening to my local NPR radio station today there was a report that food stamp usage in Massachusetts has risen 9% in the last year. Half a million people in the state are using food stamps and that is only 40% of those who are eligible to use them. However as with non food stamp users, food prices are rising and food stamps are worth less and less each day. So once again we see the poor suffering. Latter this summer the Feds will change the food stamp calculation to take into consideration inflation and thing might get a little better but food prices continue to rise. Sounds like we need to invade a country that produces a lot of food so we can have it sent here at low prices like oil from the Iraq. Of wait gas prices are going up as well and the gas companies are posting record profits. Hmmmmm


  1. If it costs too much, then collectively if we stop buying a product or commodity, then, at what point will they be able to afford their loss? We are contributing to their price fixing tactics when we continue to buy instead of walking away. I will not line their pockets if given a choice. We need to stick together people on this one.

  2. this is when the church becomes so important. when times get bad were supose to help those in need. if you are lucky enough to have food and money then its time to contribute to your local food bank. be it food money or your time. be a good christian and make a differance. if your waiting for the goverment your holding you breath. anne

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