The Keys

So it is a good thing Jesus did not give the keys to this Peter. Last night I had a training session with my fire department. All went well until I got back to the fire house. You see I have my own vehicle that I drive on fire department business and when I returned I was moving things back to my truck and some how I locked my keys in my truck. Of course my spare key was… wait for it… it the arm rest between the seats.

So I tried a few things and then called the police to come. They have this amazing little device and in like 2 seconds they were in and I had my keys back. I did not like that feeling of not having access to my keys at all. Thanks to the guys at the firehouse and the police for helping me out.

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  1. I think that Jesus did give the keys to the right Peter. And, they are in good hands. Besides, haven’t you ever heard the story about when He closes a door He opens a window. I’m sure Jesus always finds a way for the one who is in need. LAD

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