Weekend Round Up

Well Sunday was another glorious day here in New England. Had the usual round of liturgical events and it was nice to have our cantor back from the Congress in Chicago. Nice group at church and then a nice coffee hour after. Years ago the folks used to all live in the same neighborhood so they saw each other everyday or so. That is not the case now a days so the coffee hour is the social time in the parish.

After church I rolled on over to St George Greek Orthodox Church here in the Village for their church picnic. This is the once a year blow out that all three Orthodox Churches here in town have. Ours in next week so this week will be full of activity around here. Small crowd but the food was good and the company was pleasant. Rest of the day was spent on just that, rest!

So today I have a sign to put up for the picnic and some other details to see to. Raining here right now but it is supposed to clear up.

I will attempt to post my homily from yesterday and also try and get a podcast done as well. Oh ya, doing laundry as well…

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  1. Had to laugh when I saw the second sentence of your second paragraph. It is an understatement.

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