Last night I watched Barack Obama give his acceptance speech in Colorado. Next week I will watch John McCain do the same thing. From an oratory prospective I think he did a good job. He did lay out some of his vision but we need to understand that he will not reveal all. Remember the George Bush Read My Lips thing. It was also not as what’s the word I am looking for, flashy as I thought it was going to be. Now, I have not listened to any of the so called spin doctors or the fair and balanced people, I am Self-Ruled, and make up my own mind. If you search around the internet you can find the speech and read it for yourself without anyone else telling you what it said.

I thought it was nice that Obama thanked McCain for his service and really did not slam him as I thought he was going to do. And when it was all over McCain released an ad congratulating him. WOW! Maybe we are going to see a civil campaign season ahead of us. That would be nice.

We have a big decision to make in November and one that we need to study and think about. I will say this again. Read the words of the candidates and not what someone else says they said. Make up your own mind and do not let anyone who is fair and balanced or not make it up for you. It only takes a few minutes to read their own words.

I will put links on the side bar to both candidates official webpages and make it easy for you to find them. So surf on over there and read for yourself.

So now we wait for the big announcement today on who McCain is going to pick as his VP. I hope he makes a choice not so much to help him win but one that will help him govern. The other thing we need keep in mind no matter who wins in November he will be President and we need to support him and give him a chance. Remember they are only human and they, like us, are flawed and will make mistakes.

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