Monday, Monday, La la

So here it is another Monday and another week ahead to accomplish all sorts of things.

Yesterday after Liturgy and coffee hour I rolled on down to Raynham, Massachusetts for the Annual St. Andrew’s Society of Massachusetts Scottish Picnic. A nice event too bad more people don’t show up but anyway it was fun. I am president of the Society and it is nice to see the board members that I have not seen all summer. A few years back the board decided not to meet during the summer months as not much is going on, and it is festival season. So we chatted a bit about our trip to Loon Mountain in September for the Highland Festival. This is always a great time.

Today I am at my parents house for a day off. One resolution I made after my stay at hospital is to take a day off each week and go somewhere away from the rectory and clear my head. So here I am. I have some reading to do and I need to get a final exam ready for my class on Tuesday night. So I have a little work to do as well as some rest. We have a parish council meeting tonight so I will be back in the Village before the end of the afternoon.

I want to take a moment to welcome the new readers to the blog. It seems that readership has increased, well the comments have increased anyway. I am not sure where you all are from as I took the site meter off a few weeks back because it was causing some problems with the blog. But welcome, it is nice to have you here.

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  1. Hi Fr. Peter,

    I’ve been away (check my blog for where we’ve been) so I haven’t had much opportunity to read any of the blogs I follow. But I have to say that a lot has gone on within yours that I’ve missed reading about.

    I had no idea you were ill, but I’m glad that you weren’t down with a serious cardiac problem. Not that stress isn’t bad – it’s downright nasty – but with help it can be at least held at bay. for what it’s worth, I’ve been there myself and it can be a nightmare. Please take care of yourself.

    Regarding the canonical bait-and switching that’s gone on, I have had a hard time following it. However, it seems like it shouldn’t be necessary. After all, isn’t the Orthodox Church required to adhere to some sort of standard, in terms of hierarchy? I know, at least in the Catholic Church, regardless of whether one worships within the Latin Rite or any of the other rites (Melkite, Ukrainian, etc.) there is no real issue with where one goes to worship. Even priests from the different rites can celebrate in each other’s churches. Why is it so different in the situations you have been talking about?

    It’s quite possible that I’ve misunderstood some of the discussion. Whether or not I’ve missed the point, could you help me out with this?

    Thanks, my friend. Again, be careful. Produce has been pretty good this season, the wet weather notwithstanding.


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