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If anyone thinks discipleship does not have a cost you need to read this story. Rania was from Saudi Arabia, you remember them they are our partners in the Middle East. The ones who helped us overthrow Saddam and the others. Well Rania converted to Christianity and she blogged about it and was then burned to death for her story. I will not tell you anymore I would like you to read it and remember Rania next time the government talks about our friend the Saudis! This just makes me sick.

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  1. Fr.P.: Let the truth be known. Democracy is not just a word. It is a freedom for individuals, not just for men only. Unfortunately, in that part of the world, and growing all over, is a very dangerous religon. A man’s name appears on a birth certificate, and bears a grave marker. While woman there, lacking both, are historically unknown. Owned, sold, and dictated to. Not allowed to make choices concerning their marriage arrangement, education, or compromises on religious values. They are as low as animals. Are not allowed to be alone even to go to the market. Accountable at every turn. And, killed by their fathers while their mothers have no say. Such is not the freedom we enjoy here. But, praise God! Jesus has taken her home. Where there will be no more fear, just peace and love forever. Change is hard and expensive, many of our men have lost their lives in Iraq where injustice toward woman is slowly changing. Its not the place so much as the religon. You read it yourself. Understand, and ask yourself, what part of our presence there is God’s will? And is it part of the bigger picture? My heart breaks for those women. Change is coming!

  2. This is awful….. My own comments (as well as a link from my own blog to the article) are up there.

    I know as well as you that as Christians it is on us to forgive. Buy where do we find the resources inside ourselves to forgive someone for doing that to his own flesh and blood?

    The only good that comes out of something like this is that she has earned a place at the Table. The hard way.

  3. i realize that what was done to this poor woman was wrong i also understand that this is the culture she was raised in and has such becoming a christian made her an infedel which means in their mind if you are not islamic then you are to be destroyed. its not right by our christian standards and you have to feel very sorry for any one who would think that killing your flesh and blood is the right thing to do in your Gods’ eyes.also this religion forbids a mouslim from critizing anyone of there faith. like every religion you always get people who are just plain nuts but what can you do this farther dose not live in this country and has such has to answer to his countries punishment.its all to sad.linda

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