Where are Our Bishops?

We are 28 days from a National Presidential Election. The economy has been going down the tubes for the last few weeks. The Dow in going down. And where are our Orthodox Bishops? I have spent a little time looking at the website of SCOBA (The Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America) and not a statement on the election. Not a statement on the economy. Nothing or bishops are silent. In these times of uncertainty we need to hear from out leaders. We need assurance from them and we need guidance from them. But all we get is silence.

Now I could be wrong and if I am please send me links to their statements and I will post them here for all to read. Bishops we need to hear from you!


  1. may be they feel things are good in romainia and figure this country will straighten its self out.its to bad we could use some leadership here, now you know why God made priest because they are closer to the people.linda

  2. Does the same law apply to Bishops as it does to churches…they are not permitted to make any political statement regarding the election under risk of losing their non-profit status?

    Nonetheless, a word of comfort from my Bishop about the economic crisis would be helpful. And I do not mean empty Christian platitudes. My heart needs a major propping up.

  3. The recent statement put out by the delegations (and in most cases, heads) of all the Orthodox churches meeting in Constantinople does reference the recent economic crisis, though it’s only brief passage. Check out point number 10.

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