Black Friday

It is 7:30am and the stores have been open since 4:30am so I am sure that many people have fallen into the trap of buying more junk then they can afford. If we have learned nothing from all of this economic stuff going on perhaps this year we can just celebrate a simple Christmas and not put ourselves in hock up to our eyebrows. Some folks are calling this make something day. Nothing is more personal then a gift that you make yourself. I can remember every year growing up we used to get a hat and scarf and some mittens from my grandmother. She worked all year on these gifts and they came from her heart. They were so warm and every time we wore them it reminded us of her. This year let’s think about what we are buying and perhaps make something for those in our lives. Maybe even buy a gift or someone who has nothing, there will be a lot of that going around this year.

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  1. I’m down with the buy-nothing attitude.

    Was listening to NPR this AM about the black magic that happens when we use a credit card, and how that’s actually “better” for the economy than using cash.

    I think we’re all doing damage to ourselves with this magic and we might do nothing better than refusing to prop up the entire system.

  2. It will be a very simple Christmas in this house – no question. No real resources this year to do stupid stuff. And, to tell you the truth, I’m actually relieved about that.

    Maybe it can be a footprint for future Christmas celebrations for my family. At least one can hope.

  3. since my husband and i have known each other we give each other one present and try to keep it on the inexpensive side this way we do not just look forward to the gifts we get to just enjoy the holiday with our family and friends.
    every year one of my aunts makes my sister and i a plate of all kinds of different cookies, this is always my favorite gift since i know she spent lots of her time making them for us and now that she is getting older i know it gets a little harder for her to do this special treat and im sure soon she will no longer be able to do this. i intend to appreciate this has long has i can.linda

  4. Not everyone out there has bought into the commercial jibberish, shop ’til you drop. Sadly, people were killed today because of sale prices. We always must remember to give a little especially to those who have very little, and look forward to knowing that someone cares about them. It’s the thought that counts. I hope to find little things for lots of special people this year. No bar hum bug for me. (Make it, they’d never be able to wear it. Many cannot, I’m afraid).

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