Death at Wal-Mart

I read this story yesterday and could not believe what I was reading but then again I could. The story of the worker at Wal-Mart being trampled to death is just another sign that we have gone crazy out of control with consumerism in this country. If you read the story you will see that these bargain hunters took the doors off the store to get in and also trampled a pregnant woman. I also think the unbelievable thing is that they did not close the store, people kept right on shopping. Rod Dreher got it right with the title of his post on this subject, What sick, wicked culture produced such people?

A few of my fellow bloggers have posts of note on this subject and I will link to those below please do give them a read. Take a moment and think about this and our part in it. Think about how we will change this year and try and make the world a different place.

In Memory of the Trampled Wal-Mart Worker: A Contemplative Rant by Carl McColm

What sick, wicked culture produced such people? by Rod Dreher


  1. people are crazy!!! how much money do you really save at these 4am opening anyways.most of these items go back on sale through the december months and has christmas draws nearer. i try never to go to these things because i can think of better things to do at 4am then shop (like sleep).also not to stand up for wal mart, the store it self should be held responsible they have a store manager who should have been on duty to handle this situation and close the store but i guess if people are so crazy they would trample some one to death they certainly are not going to calmly leave a store when asked to they may start a riot and destroy the store and hurt more people in anger. linda

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