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I have been trying all day to summarize my thoughts from the March for Life in Washington, DC. Part of the problem is I am operating on very little sleep. It was an amazing experience. I am a relative late comer to the pro life movement. Not that I am now pro life when before I was not but it was just not one of my things. Now I have to say it is. We all need to participate in this.

I was very proud of my Archbishop, Nicolae and the new Metropolitan Jonah of the OCA for being there. The question I have where were the rest of our bishops, why were they not there with their people marching hand in hand. At one point in the speaking before the march began, all of the Catholic bishops that were present were introduced. Archbishop Nicolae turned to me and said, look how many of them came, and my response was, where are the rest of our bishops, he responded that we will do better next year. At that point someone standing near by said let’s pray there will be no need for a next year. Amen I said but I realize we will have a next year and maybe a year after that. Ask your bishop why they did not come to the March. Ask your priest why they did not come to the March! Ask yourself why you did not come to the March and then join us next year. I asked Archbishop Nicolae to attend and he did. Next year invite your bishop to attend.

I have many emotions on this and will share them over the next few days. Huw posted about the March and his reason for not going and I have to say I agree with his position. “the issue is not Pro-Abortion Laws, it is the culture that creates the need for abortion.” He is correct! We need to change out culture and we do that by speaking out. We do that by changing our economy and how we do business. We need to bring morality back to the center. We need to make morality hip again.

At some point in history the church stopped speaking about morality and became politically correct. We should not judge but we clergy need to teach our people what the church teaches and not our take on what the church teaches. If we become authentic teachers the culture will change, slowly but it will change. We did not get here overnight and we will not get out overnight. One day at a time!

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