Media Part 2

Last week I posted on the media and got a few responses. I will follow up with these comments.

The media is biased, all of it. There is not one media outlet that reports the news in a fair way. We are human beings and humans report the news and we see things by what influences us. We all could see an event and report on it from a different perspective. This is why I said during the campaign that we need to read the words themselves and not someone opinion on them. If you only get your news from one source then you are only going to get that one station, news paper, magazine, whatever it may be, you will only get their take on it.

Last night, or perhaps it was very early thins morning I have lost track. I was listening to a talk show on WBZ 1030 am. They host was speaking about Rush L and what his real job is. Anyone who is on the radio with a talk show, and I put myself in that same category, has one job and that is to make money for the stations we work for or our show is on. How does this happen? Advertisers. We sell stuff on our shows that what we do. Companies advertise on the stations that carry Rush and others because he gets an audience. How do we get an audience? By saying what they want to hear? If Rush or Michael Regan or any of them decided to change their opinion they would loose their audience. It is all ratings driven. Controversy sells and we are all part of the process.

So next time you want to talk about the liberal bias of the media or the conservative talk show hosts, think about what has created this. We have, we buy the stuff they sell and they do it very good or they would not be doing it.


  1. yesterday when i got home from work i decided to see if i could find out how many channels put any thing on tv about the right to life march.i found one channel, 61 fox at 10pm, spent a few seconds on it and did not show much of a crowd except for a women holding a sign saying “its an obama nation”.I was suprised that O’Riely who is big in the pro life movement did not mention any thing about it,i guess obama and caroline kennedy was more important to the media last night.linda

  2. I think you are missing the distinction between facts and opinion.

    “Barack Obama is president”, is a fact.

    “Barack Obama today ended the war on terror” is an opinion.

    Rush is a commenter, not a reporter.

    It is possible to report facts without the narrative, and some reporters actually do.

    And some reporters actually report two sides of the story, not the narrative of the side they endorse.

    Not enough, which is sad because our freedom depends on it.

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