Beautiful Saturday

Another beautiful Saturday in the Village. Last weekend was just stupendous and now this weekend is working out the same way. I woke this AM and got some office work done. It is amazing how email piles up in my inbox. Sorry if you have been waiting for a response from me it will be on the way soon.
Last night I went out with some friends to a local eatery for some chow and good conversation. Met some old friends there and had a wonderful chat. Got to bed early and some much needed sleep.
Tomorrow after Liturgy we have a 40 day memorial of a senior member of the parish that died. In the orthodox tradition we recall the person on the 40 anniversary of their death as well as the first three years after that. Usually we have a meal in the parish hall but tonight we have an event there so we will be going to a restaurant for the meal. I have to dash right after for the Annual Kirking of the Tartans, more on this latter.
Monday I start the morning show on WESO 970 am here in Southbridge. I will be streaming the show so look for the announcement here and facebook.

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  1. “Kirking of the Tartans”??? I WILL LOOK FORWARD TO READING MORE ABOUT THAT!!! For many years, my family and I attended Highland Games in NH, and there was a *wonderful* minster, Dr. John Turner, who would always read the Gospel from the Scottish New Testament — who could forget Christ’s (Scottish) reaction to Mary Magdalen reaching for Him after His Resurrection: “Quit grabbin’ at me, woman!” You MUST tell us more!

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